Can’t touch this?

Here’s a popular t-shirt design:

But I have a mathematical problem with it. It’s certainly true that THIS particular function never touches its asymptote. I think the t-shirt suggests that this is true of any asymptote, though. As if to say, “hey I’m an asymptote, and as an asymptote, you can’t ever touch me!” However, functions in general CAN touch their asymptotes, sometimes an infinite number of times. (I’ve talked at great length about this issue.)

I also have typesetting-issues with this design (notice the italicized “lim” and the unitalicized variables).

Am I being too picky?

1 thought on “Can’t touch this?

  1. Nope, you’re not being too picky. The typesetting (fonts and spacing) is awful! You’re also right that functions can touch their asymptotes!

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