LaTeX in HTML using a Perl script

From Hackaday:

Writing a paper in LaTeX will always result in beautiful output, but if you’d like to put that document up on the web you’re limited to two reasonable options: serve the document as a .PDF (with the horrors involves, although Chrome makes things much more palatable), or relying on third-party browser plugins like TeX The World. Now that [Todd Lehman] has finally cooked up a perl script to embed LaTeX in HTML documents, there’s no reason to type e^i*pi + 1 = 0 anymore.



There are a few other options for getting \LaTeX into your webpages, but they all feel like hacks. In particular, I like the Code Cogs Equation Editor which is a WYSIWYG \LaTeX editor. But of course, if you have a WordPress blog like this one, you can include code inline without much work at all (though WordPress hasn’t implemented a full-fledged interpreter, it’s still pretty decent).

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