Awesome Math Baby Gear

Here is some awesome baby gear that you’ll get a kick out of, whether you have a little baby (like I do) or not. [ht: Carrie Gaffney]

Check out this one, for instance, perfect for the little Fermat in your life:

Or this one, with a slightly more ‘physics’ flavor–perfect for your little one that is constantly gaining momentum:

For the baby that’s two standard deviations above the mean:

Or how about this …

And here are some more for you:

By the way, the perfect place to collect random photos and other things you love is on Pinterest. I’ve been collecting pins for the last year or so, and you may want to check out these two boards of mine, at least:

Happy pinning!

Function World

From Incidental Comics, by Grant Snider

I love this comic by Grant Snider–I just came across it today on Pinterest (have you gotten yourself hooked yet?). We’ve been working on some math murals for our hallway, and this is giving me some good ideas. My favorite is definitely the inverse cosine coaster. Thanks for the great comic, Grant!