Challenge Problems

Want to enrich your Precalculus course with difficult problems? Look no further!

Very-Difficult-Mazes-Coloring-Page-1I teach a high-octane version of Precalculus to students in our magnet program. Our course, like most Precalculus courses, covers a very wide variety of topics. As often as possible, I like to give them more difficult problems that enrich the material from the book. These documents are a work in progress, but feel free to steal them (just email me a copy if you improve them!):

If you want solutions for any of these, shoot me an email.

These aren’t 100% polished by any means, but I’m sharing them anyway! Long live the spirit of sharing :-).

By the way, many of these problems are collected from other sources but I’m too far removed from those sources to properly attribute the problem-creator. My sincere apologies!

7 thoughts on “Challenge Problems

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  2. Would you be able to provide an answer sheet for your Precalculus, Unit 2, Polynomial and Rational Functions Challenge Problem worksheet?

    • You might get an ad but you should still be able to dismiss the ad and see the document. The best way to view the document is to download it and view with Word. If you send me a private message I am happy to email you the files, too.

  3. Hi, I would really like to use some of this, but I doesn’t let me download anything without a scribd account. Is there any other way to get it? Thanks!

  4. Where can I find your email? I would like to send an email to you regarding the solutions to these problems, but I don’t recall seeing your email. Also, can you email me the questions, since when I open them they are blurred.


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