Matthew Wright visits RM

Dr. Matthew Wright paid our students a visit this past Friday and gave them a gentle introduction to topology and the Euler Characteristic. This is a topic given little to no treatment inside the traditional K-12 math curriculum, so our students welcomed the opportunity to learn some ‘college math.’ IMG_20140404_111835821He had our students counting vertices, edges, and faces of various surfaces in order to compute the Euler Characteristic. Students discovered that the Euler Characteristic is a topological invariant.

IMG_20140404_111817820In his talk he also walked the students through a proof that there are only five regular surfaces, using the Euler Characteristic. This is more difficult than the typical proof, but elegant because the proof doesn’t appeal to geometry. That is, the proof doesn’t ever require the assumption that the faces, angles, or edges are congruent. In this sense, it is a topological proof.* Very cool indeed!

Matthew's topology guest lecture at RMHSBio: Matthew Wright went to Messiah College and then went on to received his MS and PhD from University of Pennsylvania, where his thesis was in applied and computational topology. He was a professor at Huntington College for two years but is now at the Institute for Mathematics and its Applications at the University of Minnesota for a postdoctoral research fellowship. His hobbies include photography and juggling. On a personal note, Matthew was my roommate in college, and I had the privilege of being his best man in his wedding, as well!

For more about Dr. Wright, visit his website at

* This proof also appears in the book Euler’s Gem by Dave Richeson.

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