Happy e day!

Well, as you can see by the count-down on the right side of this blog, e day has arrived! I mentioned it in most of my classes today, even though it’s not as well-celebrated as π. I think we should change that. It’s my opinion that e is at least as good, if not a more important constant, than π.

I’m biased though. Today is also my daughter’s first birthday. I love that she was born on e day! Awesome! 🙂


Happy Birthday, Ruthie Chase!


2 thoughts on “Happy e day!

  1. OK, here’s why. The sidebars are there when you go to mrchasemath.wordpress.com but they don’t show up when you look at a single blog entry, and that’s what Google Reader does: it delivers the blog *entry* not the *blog*. Mystery solved.

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