Syllabus Design

Has anyone ever considered designing a syllabus that reads like a glossy brochure? Check out this history professor’s blog post about his syllabus “extreme makeover.” Incredible!

From Hangen’s blog

Could it work with a math syllabus? I think so! Is it worth doing? Maybe. Not sure. But it does look like fun :-).


[HT: John Fea’s blog]


2 thoughts on “Syllabus Design

  1. With the ease of access to DTP tools like Scribus (or even Word now), I can see this becoming the norm in a lot of areas. I’ve seen a lot of noise on creating resumes like infographics to help organize the information in an eye-appealing way.

  2. We really should do this for A2 next year. I’d love to see the reaction from students and especially other teachers. ☺

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