Math paper contains no math

I feel like I need to post about this too–just to get the word out.

At first I thought it was funny, but now it just makes me angry. I first heard about this paper thanks to my brother, Tim Chase, who shared this news via Retraction Watch. Then today I learned a bit more information by way of Alexander Bogomolny and his blog.

Okay, what’s going on? Authors M. Sivasubramanian and S. Kalimuthu have published this completely nonsensical math paper, and here’s what Retraction Watch had to say:

Have a seat, this one’s a howler.

According to a retraction notice for “Computer application in mathematics,” published in Computers & Mathematics with Applications:

This article has been retracted at the request of the Publisher, as the article contains no scientific content and was accepted because of an administrative error. Apologies are offered to readers of the journal that this was not detected during the submission process.


Go read the whole paper in full text available here. At the very least, this paper has been retracted. That’s good.

But sadly, S. Kalimuthu and his coauthors are responsible for many other terrible papers too (seriously, go check them out!). How does this happen? Can anyone explain it? And why hasn’t he been stopped?

In one paper in particular, he has completely plagiarized Alexander Bogomolny’s site–as one commenter noticed. Check out Alexander’s blog CTK Insights for his coverage.

Like I said, this man needs to be stopped.


3 thoughts on “Math paper contains no math

  1. I was the one who posted on Alexander’s site on the plagiarism. Nearly all his papers are nearly the same. The Beautiful Algebra paper from here – is also almost completely plagiarized from various sources online. A simple copy-paste of text from the paper into google throws up another site with the same text verbatim (sometimes from such academic authorities as Yahoo Answers :)). Just boggles the mind these supposed peer reviewed journals don’t even do a cursory check for plagiarism in place in almost all high schools.

    In addition, apparently this man is a multi-disciplinary genius. I highly recommend reading his paper on relativity – . Again the introduction is partially plagiarized from . But the experiment and conclusions drawn are truly extraordinary.

    • Thanks, Karth, for the comment.

      Your totally right–at the high school where I teach, all student papers are submitted to, which does a very nice job catching plagiarism. You’d think a scientific journal would at least do that.

      In fact, I just fed the Beautiful Algebra paper to and it found Alexander’s site right away, red-flagged the paper, and said it was “51% match” which is very high on

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