Sporcle quizzes

I mentioned Sporcle the other day in a post, and I just assume everyone’s already addicted to Sporcle quizzes. But if not, I guess here’s your news-flash. These timed quizzes, most of which are user-generated, are quite fun and very unique. I urge you to try the thousands of quizzes available on their website and see how you stack up against the competition (currently there are over 200,000 quizzes). There is also a Sporcle app for the iPhone and Android. I actually invested in the pay-for version of it, since it continually updates with new quizzes.

Some of the quizzes on their website include straight-forward tasks like naming all 50 states in 10 minutes or naming all of Queen’s albums. But they have more unique ones like naming all the words of the 23rd Psalm in the King James version (in any order) or words that end in “gue”, as well.

In particular, here are a few math quizzes:

And here are 352 more math quizzes on Sporcle. Enjoy!


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