Khan Academy

I’ve mentioned Khan Academy before, asking “could your math teacher could be replaced by video?

Here’s Salman Khan’s TED talk from just a few days ago. I simply love this idea. I’ve been using with a few students, but this seems even larger in scope. It’s extensive, not just limited to math, free and open, and very powerful. I’d really like to try this.

If you haven’t been to Khan Academy yet, you need to go there now. Check out the videos, do some practice problems. I did a bunch, and it was a bit addictive. You even get points and badges!

I’m going to really think about this: can lecture happen outside of class and practice problems happen IN class?

3 thoughts on “Khan Academy

  1. Mr. Chase, this is incredible this new product, and for him to offer it at no cost is even wiser, because knowledge is a gift not a privilege. However, I am still skeptical that this method could replace the traditional classroom lecture. Using it as a supplement would definitely be a plus. We should try it one day. Lastly, technology is great for our academics; however, we will need to perform an experiment on students to see whether it works, and the adverse effects of it.

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