Glen Whitney @ RM!

As I advertised over a month ago, Glen Whitney will be joining us on Friday, October 22 for a walking math tour of Rockville. I’m excited to hear what he has to say (and to steal all his good ideas!). If you’re a Calculus student, or if you’ve taken it, and you’re not yet signed up for the field trip, stop by my room and we’ll talk. There are currently four slots left.

Reposting some of the info:

Richard Montgomery High School will be hosting mathematician Glen Whitney on Friday, October 22. He will be doing a walking ‘math tour’ of downtown Rockville.

Glen is the executive director of the Mathematics Museum on Long Island NY. For more information about Glen, or about the math museum, here’s an article about him. Or, visit the math museum’s website.

And here’s the article that’s on the RM website.


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