Glen Whitney Speaking at RM

Richard Montgomery High School will be hosting mathematician Glen Whitney on Friday, October 22. I’ll say more about it as the date approaches, but I thought I’d advertise early. He will be doing a walking ‘math tour’ of downtown Rockville. Some of our higher-level math students will be invited (students in Calculus or those who have taken it). I’m really looking forward to his talk!

Glen is the executive director of the Mathematics Museum on Long Island NY. For more information about Glen, or about the math museum, here’s an article about him. Or, visit the math museum’s website.

Here’s the article that’s on the RM website:

Don’t Miss the First USA Science & Engineering Festival Expo
October 23 &24, 2010 on the National Mall – free of charge

Imagine chatting with Albert Einstein, building an underwater robot, managing cargo in the space shuttle or watching a science magician. These are just a few of the over 1,500 interactive exhibits and stage shows planned for the first USA Science & Engineering Festival Expo,   October 23-24, 2010 on the National Mall and surrounding areas.

The Expo is the culmination of a two-week Festival which aims to inspire the next generation of scientists and engineers. Richard Montgomery High School is actively participating in the Festival by hosting a Nifty Fifty speaker: on October 22, Glen Whitney–executive director of the new Math Museum on Long Island NY ( will be taking some of our higher level math classes on a walking “math tour” of downtown Rockville. It’s all part of a massive effort to get students of all ages to love and embrace science and engineering.

At the Expo on October 23 & 24,  you will find:

  • The science behind Avatar, baseball, superheroes, Thanksgiving dinner, NASCAR, the mathematics of speed jump roping and much more.
  • Fifty stage shows featuring science musicians, comedians, rock stars – even the Redskins cheerleaders are creating a support for science cheer.
  • More cool science and engineering exhibits than you can even imagine.

Bring your whole family and give your future and current scientists the experience of a lifetime. Here are just a few of the hands-on exhibits you will find.

Learn about Cities of the World in a Virtual Scavenger Hunt

Ready, Set, Go! Immerse yourself in our latest, realistic virtual technology. Plug in and race your way to the finish line, against people across the globe, as you virtually explore real cities around the world and compete in this virtual scavenger hunt. Do your kids have what it takes to win? From Festival Host Lockheed Martin

Learn the Power of DNA and How it Helps Solve Medical Mysteries

Come learn how to decode the mysteries of DNA. How is DNA sequencing used in real world applications such as conservation of cheetahs in Namibia, forensic analysis to help solve crimes and medical developments for tissue typing and pathogen detection (like H1N1)?  From Festival sponsor Life Technologies Foundation

There’s a Meteorite Headed Towards Earth and. . .

Science Channel’s METEORITE MEN show the spoils of professional meteorite hunting with meteorite treasures they have collected over the years. Attendees will get an up close and personal look at these amazing rocks from outer space. Discovery Communication’s Science Channel

Experience a Tornado from the Inside Out

Want to be a storm chaser? Get a look at the science of professional storm chasing from the experts on Discovery Channel’s STORM CHASERS. Experience what it’s like inside the ultimate storm chasing vehicle — The Dominator.  Festival sponsor Discovery Communications

Can You Make a New Drug to Cure Cancer?

In this exhibit, participants will get to step into the role of a biopharmaceutical researcher and take their great idea through the many challenges and successes of a virtual drug development process. Celgene Corporation

Find out What Scientists Know about Dinosaur Extinction

Have your kids bring their dinosaur toys and climb aboard this interactive traveling exhibit, which explores where dinosaurs came from and possible causes for why they disappeared 65 million years ago. Touch and examine cool stuff like dinosaur nests and investigate feathered dinosaur fossils from China. Try to answer the question: Did dinosaurs turn into today’s birds? American Museum of Natural History

The Biggest Losers Discuss Healthy Eating

A healthy cooking show called “A Winning Meal with the Biggest Loser” features an all-star cast. Pete Thomas of TV’s “The Biggest Loser” and NIH Executive Chef Robert Hedetniemi team up to help combat the childhood obesity epidemic with an inspiring, delicious performance.  The National Institutes of Health

Check out Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream

You’ve had 31 flavors, but we bet you haven’t had ice cream like this! A homemade Physics specialty it’s the smoothest ice cream you’ve ever tasted, and is safe for children of all ages–come try it! University of Maryland

Watch a Science Magic Show

Come see  human being decapitated by mathematics, a knotty problem revealed, the laws of gravity suspended (pun intended). See quantum tunneling up close, and in your face. Learn the secret of the fountain of youth revealed, as demonstrated by siblings.

Meet and Get Your Picture Taken with Famous Scientists

Madame Curie and Albert Einstein will come back to life at the Festival. Chat with them about their great discoveries. Your kids will love it.

For Washingtonians, and those in surrounding states, the Expo is right on the Metro line at the National Mall. Come for a whole day, the weekend, or as long as you can because IT’S ALL FREE.

To learn more go to

A video that you can look at is available at


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