Soda Mixing Problem (revisited)

I posted a problem back in December that I never got back to answering. Sorry about that. The problem statement was:

Two jars contain an equal volume of soda. One contains Sprite, the other Coca Cola. You take a small amount of Coca Cola from the Coca Cola jar and add it to the Sprite jar. After uniformly mixing this concoction, you take a small amount out and put it back in the Coca Cola jar, restoring both jars to their original volumes. After having done this, is there more Coca Cola in the Sprite jar or more Sprite in the Coca Cola jar? Or, are they equally contaminated?

I have had the worked out solution for a while, just haven’t posted it until now. I’m relatively new with \LaTeX, but I’ve typed up the solution here, if you want all the gory details :-).  And yes, Peekay, you got the right answer!

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