Happy π day!

Today at our school we had to have the obligatory π day celebrations. Here are the ways we observed π at RM:

  • To raise money for the math honors society, students purchased π-grams for one another and a piece of pi with a note were delivered to the recipients during first period.
  • There was a pie eating contest on “main street”, also sponsored by the math honors society, and guess who won? Check out my crown!!

Get the joke?? On the back it says "We are the 3.14%."

Action shot

Mr. Chase wins!

  • In each of my classes kids bring in food and we have a π day party. I pass out a sign up sheet a few days before and kids agree to bring all sorts of round food. Here’s the sign up sheet. Feel free to use it, steal it, modify it. Also available in pdf format. Here’s one of my favorite food items from this year:

  • I showed these youtube videos.
  • I did a mini lecture on the history of π and gave some interesting facts about the number.
  • Students got to find out at what digit of π their birthday appears. You can too!

One more thing you can still do, if you haven’t yet observed π day:


Happy π day!!!


Also, on an unrelated note, today’s Google logo is great. If you’re interested in the mathematics of origami, you probably know who Robert Lang is. Today’s Google logo is an origami piece created by Lang in honor of the late Akira Yoshizawa, world famous origami artist.

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